Execution and Implementation

Execution and Implementation

Our approach to execution and implementation centers on facilitating fresh thinking through the development of effective strategies and operational models that best leverage extant organizational capabilities, knowledge and resources. Understanding how an organization thinks and operates plays an integral part in improving performance both within an individual organization and interagency context. Noetic’s execution and implementation offerings include organizational design, interagency coordination and collaboration, and policy and procedure development and revision.

Organizational Assessment

Noetic performs comprehensive organizational assessments which seek to align an organization’s future roles and responsibilities. Based on our unique multi-national professional experience, we provide an independent perspective that avoids traditional and entrenched views that may hinder organizational growth and maturity. Our approach to organizational assessment includes an extensive environmental scan to identify key factors that, if changed, will severely impact the organization.

Interagency Coordination/Collaboration

The national security events of the 21st century have drawn together previously disparate elements of defense, diplomacy and development, a trend which persists and increases. For this reason, civilian and military integration will remain a key component to improving interagency planning and coordination. Noetic’s core team of experts specializes in breaking down bureaucratic barriers that often result in U.S. failures overseas. Through innovative means, we are able to assist across the spectrum from pre-deployment planning to post-conflict stabilization.

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