Review and Evaluation

Review and Evaluation

Noetic specializes in helping leaders, teams and organizations work more effectively. Lessons learned and best practice methods are designed to cross functional boundaries and allow an organization to learn from both its past mistakes and successes. Our work focuses on improving the way organizations learn, including the way people think, interact and work together. Noetic’s review and evaluation offerings include lessons learned and best practices.

Lessons Learned

Noetic works with organizations to bring together insights gained during a project, exercise or significant event that can be usefully applied in the future. During this process it is essential that observations be validated so that lessons can be extracted and resulting actions and accountabilities assigned. In developing a lessons activity, a key principle is that it is not about finding fault or laying blame. Rather, it is about the future and improving the overall performance of the organization and its people.

Best Practices

We work with organizations to develop a best practices process to ensure continuous decision-making and organizational improvement. Once proven, past experiences can be altered and implemented under various conditions that are consistent with success. It is an integral part of improving upon the ways in which interagency and individual organizations approach and solve complex problem sets.


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